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headstrongxo's Journal

i want you to rock the boat ~ r.i.p. aaliyah

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the name is clarissa
but i perfer claire
i was born on o6.o9.1993
so yes, that would make me fourteen years old
i stand at 5'3 and hopefully i don't grow any taller
i'm am mixed with different backgrounds and i love it
i hate normal people because those tend to be the boring ones lol j/k
i'm not immature nor am i mature
i perfer to be myself
there is nothing perfect about me
like my grandfather used to say ; flaws are perfection
zac efron & ed westwick are total hotties
and so are vanessa hudgens, blake lively, jessica alba and leighton meester
i used to roleplay but things happened
i'm addicted to sunflower seeds & pretzels
i tend to be very random and laugh alot
if you want to know more than just ask ♥